Grand Opening

Welcome, all outdoor enthusiasts!


It is my honor to formally announce the grand opening of Online to Outdoor, your one-stop for thru hiking and other outdoor gear.


Let us begin with a brief paragraph about me. I enjoy hiking, mostly in the hills and mountains around southern California. I have hiked to the Hollywood sign, to Mount Hollywood, aroun d the Palos Verdes Peninsula, and to San Jacinto Peak. I have read about other hikers and mountaineers- people who have hiked for days on rougher trails, using picks and axes and crampons. I have read about the exploits of those who hiked the Pacific Crest, Continental Divide, and Appalachian Trails from beginning to end. And I have read about the top-notch equipment that they needed just to survive.


And so, I decided to open this online store, to offer equipment, tools, and supplies for hikers. While I specialize in thru hiking equipment, day hikers will no doubt find use for what I have to offer here.


With the grand opening of this store, I hereby offer the coupon code GRANDOPENING, good for 20% off all purchases for one month (until 7/21/2015)