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Keep Yourself Hydrated With a Day Pack – 20% Off!!!

Whether hiking for half a day or completing a thru hiking, water is an essential . As almost all hiking trails lack drinking fountains, you will have to bring your own hydration. Many people choose to bring water bottles or canteens.

Hydration day packs like the Condor 17 Hydration Pack are also popular. It basically combines the function of a backpack and a water bottle. The Condor Day Pack has a 2.5 liter bladder to store water, a large outside pocket with heavy-duty webbing. With a sip tube, there is no need to reach down for a water bottle or canteen.

We are pleased to offer this hydration pack at 20% off, for a retail price of $53.57. Supplies are limited, so get yours before we run out. (Sale expires 10/1/2015)

Condor Hydration Pack

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Three Month Anniversary

Today is our store’s three month anniversary. To celebrate, enter the coupon code 3monthanniversary on your next purchase. Coupon expires 9/23/2015

The Appalachian Trail- Hike Through History

Today I will post about the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, the easternmost of the Triple Crown Trails. The trail, true to its name, passes along the Appalachian Mountains. It passes through Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

The southern terminus of the trail is the summit of Springer Mountain in Georgia. Continuing along the mountain range, it reaches the northern terminus on top of Mount Katahdin in Maine.

Compared to the Rockies and the Sierras, the Appalachians are significantly lower , so the trail stays below 7,000 feet. Also, the trail passes through more densely populated areas than the Pacific Crest Trail or the Continental Divide Trail. However, this does not mean you can go out with nothing more than a bottle of water if you want to thru hike this trail.

Obviously, you will need the ten essentials. You will also have to keep track of your supplies. A popular method of staying supplied is having packages mailed to post office boxes in towns near the trail.

One important thing to remember is to be prepared for the weather, and to have a general idea of what the climate is like. You will be hiking in the mountains, where it gets cold, especially in the northern parts. You will need layers and layers of clothing.

Make sure you have a map and a compass, and make sure you know how to navigate with them. A GPS is usually handy and convenient, but not when the battery is drained. And water of course is very important. As there are few drinking fountains near the trail, you will need to know where the water is.

Of course, make sure to have fun, enjoy the scenery, and take pictures. You will want to remember this journey. The memories will last decades.

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy has more information.

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