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Get Ready For Winter

It is late November, and winter is fast approaching. When hiking in the hills and mountains in this time and year, snow and ice make their debut. Even the top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii of all places can not avoid winter snow.

The main hazard of snow and ice is slipping. And snow and ice usually accummulate in places were slipping is most dangerous.

One way to help get a grip on a snowy, slippery surface is to wear ice and snow cleats. Cleats have these hooks which dig into snow and ice, helping your feet get a grip on the winter surface. And we are pleased to offer snow cleats in three sizes (XL, L, and M)

We are offering these cleats at 20% off the retail price. Supplies are limited, so get your cleats before we run out! (Sale expires 11/30/2015)

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Clean Water

Clean water is something almost all of us take for granted. We drink it. We use it to prepare meals. We wash ourselves with water. It is something that comes out of faucets and drinking fountains.

But when out in the wilderness, clean water can be hard to come by, as drinking fountains are scarce on hiking trails. And water found in flowing streams, even if crystal clear, can contain Giardia, bacteria, Cryptoall, and other contaminating germs. And when you go on a long-distance hike, carrying a whole case of bottled water could be impractical.

I recommend the use of Aquamira Water Treatment Drops . And we offer this product 20% off its standard retail price of $32.75, for a sales price of $26.20. Supplies are limited, so get yours before they run out! (Offer expires 11/23/2015)

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Insects, Insects, Insects

Insects have a huge role to play outdoors. They do a lkot of things from pollinating flowers to being a staple in the diet of many different types of animals.

for those of us who enjoy the outdoors, they are also known for one other thing. So many of them love to bite flesh, sucking blood and other bodily fluids out. It causes our skin tgo ithc, which is almost always annoying. And to top that off, some of them can spread diseases like Lyme disease or malaria .

In order to take care of these accursed bloodsuckers, we would need something like insect repellents. The proper use of an insect repellents means that itchy spots will not annoy you for the rest of the day.

One repellent that we recommend is the Cutter Inspect Repellent Spray . In spray form, it is easy to apply to skin and clothing. We are offering this at 20% off from its normal retail price of $7.22, for a sales price of $5.78!

Cutter Insect Repellent Spray

Keep your skin and clothes insect free. A good repellent can save a lot of trouble. (Sale expires 11/13/2015)

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