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Finding Your Way Around

In thru hiking or camping or even just day hiking, finding your way around is very important. There are few road signs on trails. The only landmarks are trees, streams, and mountains. Due to this, you will need equipment to be able to find your way around.

We offer GPS devices like the Garmin GPS72H Hand held GPS. These devices are useful, relying on satellites orbiting from up on high to relay accurate and precise data to help you navigate yourself around. However, GPS devices require batteries, and if you are on a months-long thru hike, you might not want to carry all the spare batteries needed to operate a GPS, in addition to the batteries you would need for flashlights or lanterns.


For a device that does not use batteries, we recommend a PPI 2 Inch Diameter Compass. It has a long lanyard that enables hands-free carryin, so you can just take a quick glancwe at it while hiking rather than having to hold it constantly or dig into your backpack to retrieve it. and we are offering 20% off the retail price of $14.12, for a sales price of $11.30.




Don’t get lost! Get your compass today. (Sale expires 1/4/2016)



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Six Month Anniversary

December 21, 2015 is the six month anniversary of the opening of Online to Outdoor. In the past six months, we have offered thru hiking and other outdoor gear to our customers while searching for new products to sell.

To commemorate our six month anniversary, we are offering a coupon for 20% of any item for sale. Just enter coupon code 6MONTHANNIVERSARY. Remember, winter is upon us. Get your outdoor gear today! (Coupon expires 12/28/2015)



A Bear Necessity

When hiking, you will almost never be the only creature in the area. There are many different animals, from lizards to squirrels to bighorn sheep. and, of course, in many wilderness areas, there will be bears. And like all animals, bears like food. And there is no avoiding bear country when you do a thru hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, or the Appalachian Trail.

Unlike cats and squirrels, bears can tear open sacks and boxes to get the goodies. They can even rip open a car door if they smell food. Many wilderness areas now require the use of bear proof containers.

For your sake and the sake of the bears which live in our treasured wilderness areas, we are proud to offer the Bear Vault BV450 Bear Proof Container. Transparent yet shatterproof, with a patent pending design that allows you to open the lid without tools, and with a 4-day capacity, the BV 450 is an essential when trekking through regions where bears roam freely. And we are proud to offer it for 20% off its regular retail price of $66.95, for a sales price of $53.56. (Sale expires 12/21/2015)


In bear country, a bear proof container is a bear necessity. Get yours today!

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Let There Be Light!

If there is one thing most of you would notice about hiking trails, is that there are no lamp posts. It hardly needs to be written that without lamp posts, it is necessary to have a flashlight or lantern whenever hiking in the evening or camping.

For those of you who casually camp, a flashlight can save up to half an hour when looking for something you dropped on the ground. For those of you who want to thru hike, light is essential. Being able to hike at night can save several days over a thru hike expected to take weeks or even months. For thru hiking long trails such as the Pacific Crest Trail, shaving days off the hike can make the difference between completing the hike and not completing it at all.

There are, of course, many power sources for flashlights, such as Duracell Coppertop AA batteries. But what if solar radiation generated by the fusion of hydrogen atoms can serve as a power source. The Vim Hybrid Solar Powered flashlight uses just that. It charges from any light source, from the summer sun to the desktop lamp. It also has lithium batteries as a backup power source. As an added bonus, it is waterproof and it floats, which is especially useful for you campers and thru hikers. And we are proud to offer this product at 20% off of its normal retail price of $51.61, for a sales price of $41.28. (Sale ends 12/14/2015)

solar flashlight

Do not get left in the dark. Get your flashlight today!

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Tarp- Versatile and Affordable

For staying overnight in the wilderness, the first thing most people think of when trying to set up a shelter for the night is a tent. And we certainly offer a selection of tents like the Maxam 6-Person tent.

But for those of you doing a thru hike, you want to cut down on the weight that you have to carry on your back. And one lightweight option is the Maxam™ 8′ x 10′ All-Purpose Tarp. It is lightweight (shipping weight less than four pounds) , it is water, weather, and UV resistant. With creative use of poles and ropes, this can become a makeshift tent.

But that is not all. Tie it flat about ten feet above the ground, suspending it between two trees, and you have a shelter where you can prepare and eat your meals, protecting you from the rain and the rays of the sun. You can also set up the tarp during a windy day if you want to set up a campfire.

Tarp can also be used to cover your camping equipment when driving a pickup or flatbed truck to and from a campsite.

Tarp has so many uses, both out in the wilderness and at home. And we are offering it at 20% off its normal price of $13.60, for a sales price of $10.88.

Make sure to get your tarp now. Many years of utility await.

Maxam™ 8' x 10' All-Purpose Tarp

(Sale expires 12/7/2015)

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