We Have Been Open For One Year!!!

Hello, thru hikers.

It is hard to believe that we have been open for business for one year now, one year of providing top-notch service to you. We are honored to have been your provider of gear, from trekking poles to tents to compasses.

Now summer is upon is, and it is getting hot. Plenty of daylight to enjoy a hike, and not-so-cold nights where you can roast tri-tip or marshmallows over an open flame, whether in the highest mountains or along an untamed beach. But make sure to put on plenty of sunscreen; subburns can be a little painful.

In celebration of being at your service for one year, we are proud to offer the coupon code 1yearanniversary, which gets you 20% off the retail price of any product.




(Coupon expires 7/6/2016)