Get Cooking!!!

You are camping. You have been hiking a long rails, shaded by trees and doing your best to avoid the poison oak. Your legs feeling like jelly, you are hungry and you want to eat dinner before you settle inside your tent.

But sometimes, you want more than trail mix for dinner. Maybe you want souvlaki, roast chicken, or even barbecue tri-tip. A full-size oven is a bit too heavy to carry in your backpack.

This is why we offer the Koblenz 4 Burner Gas Stove. It comes with four 16,000 BTU burners, with independently adjustable flames that will allow you to simmer on one burner and broil meat on another burner. And we offer it at 20% off its regular retail price, for a price of

So sit down by the tent, under the stars, with crickets (or your mp3 player) providing music, and enjoy your hot meal.


Sale ends 9/22/2016 Order yours today!