Keep Yourself Hydrated With a Day Pack – 20% Off!!!

Whether hiking for half a day or completing a thru hiking, water is an essential . As almost all hiking trails lack drinking fountains, you will have to bring your own hydration. Many people choose to bring water bottles or canteens.

Hydration day packs like the Condor 17 Hydration Pack are also popular. It basically combines the function of a backpack and a water bottle. The Condor Day Pack has a 2.5 liter bladder to store water, a large outside pocket with heavy-duty webbing. With a sip tube, there is no need to reach down for a water bottle or canteen.

We are pleased to offer this hydration pack at 20% off, for a retail price of $53.57. Supplies are limited, so get yours before we run out. (Sale expires 10/1/2015)

Condor Hydration Pack

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