BearVaultâ„¢ Model BV450 Solo Bear Proof Container (Per 4 pack)


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Announcing the BearVault Model BV450 Solo Bear Resistant Food Canister.

Some important advantages of the BV450 Solo:
1. Lighter weight at only 2 lb 1 oz (0.94 kg)
2. 440 in3 (7.2 ltr) 4 day capacity.
3. 8.7 in (22.1 cm) diameter and 8.3 in (21.1 cm) length
4. Full access, rain-proof opening.
5. Retention guides for strapping the canister to the outside of a backpack.
6. Super rugged transparent polycarbonate construction allows easy identification of contents.
7. Patented design.

Keep your food out of a bear’s stomach. Order your bear proof container today!


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